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The Role of the University in International Understanding / Michio Nagai<br> 2. The "Internationalization" of Higher Education in Japan / Kazuyuki Kitamura<br>Part II Curriculum and Teaching<br> 3. Who Owns the University Curriculum? / A. H. Halsey<br> 4. Curriculum Reform in Hiroshima University -- The Case of the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences / Hisashi Shikibu<br> 5. Curriculum and Instruction in Colleges and Universities / Paul L. Dressel<br> 6. Pilot Institutes for Higher Education Reform in Korea / Jeung Rhee<br> 7. Innovations in American Higher Education: Curriculum and Teaching / Philip G. Altbach<br> 8. Improvements in College Teaching in the United Kingdom / Roy Cox<br>Part III Reforms and Innovations<br> 9. Comparative University Reform / Philip G. Altbach<br> 10. Innovation of Higher Education in Japan: The Case of the University of Tsukuba / Sho Takakura<br> 11. A Strategy for Innovation of Chungnam National University -- A Korean Case / Myong-Won Suhr<br> 12. Reforms in Chinese Higher Education / Cheng Su<br> 13. Innovations in Thai Higher Education / Iam Chaya-Ngam<br> 14. Staff Development in Higher Education -- Experience in Britain / Roy Cox<br>Part IV Open Universities and Adult Education<br> 15. Sukhothai Thammathirat -- Thailand's Open Univesity / Iam Chaya-Ngam<br> 16. History and Prospect of the Korean Air and Correspondence College / Myong-Won Suhr<br> 17. Adult Learning in Japanese Higher Education: A Consideration of Economic Aspects / Masakazu Yano<br>Part V Higher Education in the Age of Financial Difficulties<br> 18. Japanese Higher Education in an Age of Financial Difficulties / Morikazu Ushiogi<br> 19. On the Financial Troubles of Universities / A. H. Halsey<br> 20. Financing Problems for Higher Education in Korea / Jeung Rhee<br> 21. Higher Education in the Age of Financial Difficulties / Paul L. Dressel</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="3" bgcolor="#EDFAE4" align="center"><div align="left"><b>hQe0000</b></div></td> <td class="3"><a href="#"></a></td> </tr> <tr> </body> </html>